30 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: We Live to Learn, Another Day

      1. Me too! I’m sad Beto didn’t win but at least we have the house now. Some minority women won. The first openly gay governor also won. Those are great steps!

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      2. It’s sad to see a genuinely good person lose to a political POS like Ted Cruz. I know Democrats are working hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but these mid-terms exceeded expectations. Beto was relatively unknown at the beginning, was always a long shot yet he rose to national prominence that sparked a much needed discussion of our common values as Americans. I think he may
        have helped Dem Candidates in less tightly gerrymandered states. At last count Democrats flipped 28 House seats. That’s huge. We also have our first openly gay governor in Colorado. This was a huge
        repudiation of Trump the politics of entitled ignorance and hate.


      3. Absolutely! Beto is a good guy and I know it first hand because he’s from El Paso. He was born and raised here, even came back! He’s been in our city council here before he was in Congress. I never thought of him helping out but that’s a really valid point, Rob.


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