from Centenary

I know you’re angry.
So am I.
How could we not be?
Children ripped from their parents,
Concentration camps in Texas.
“I can’t breathe”
“I remember their laughter”
A child-man throwing ugly decrees from his high chair.

But from a high shelf in Europe come watercolor images a century on.
French families fleeing destruction.
Children starving in Yemen.
Corpses of trees standing witness as men follow orders into death.
As we follow our leaders.

They know who we need to hate.
In front of City Hall we are led in chants.
We know the story.
Our indignation gives us the right to hate.
We have worked so hard, but They stole our votes, our climate, our lives.
We will make them pay!
We will come here every night if necessary!
Bearing placards, twisted pictures of an uncrowned King.
A piñata we can beat to death
Until we get our hands…

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4 thoughts on “Centenary

  1. Jan is right. It’s powerful.
    Things have changed in subtle ways (in the work place especially). Rob, I think you were the one who came up with the term “a confederacy of rapists.” It’s so apt. And the “grab ’em by the pussy” squatter in the Oval Office. I notice it more since the Supreme Court disaster anyway… There’s a different vibe. It’s undeniable.
    I hate to admit it, but as I was headed out of the office building at lunch time, I stepped into an elevator full of men. Maybe it was triggered by a height thing (but I don’t think so) I’m not that short, but they all towered above me. I was somewhat acquainted with most of them.
    But when they all turned to look down at me… I felt terribly uncomfortable — for no accountable reason. There was just a sort of collective vibe… Not from each individual… but general. I can’t explain it, but I was glad when the elevator door opened at the lobby.
    Thanks for sharing what you share and for being you. Hugs on the wing.

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