14 thoughts on “Miss Laurie Lehner: How To Spell Words

  1. Robert you really know how to pick them..i loved that song when it came out..mtv baby wow I feel old all of a sudden
    Take it smooth daddy I’ll catch you on higher ground

  2. Ha! This is fabulous, Rob. Just so that I avoid self-righteousness, I freely admit that I’m terrible with spelling. However, I do use spell-check and try to proof read what I’ve typed. Of course auto correct is a new sneaky devil, but… bushwa! I’m not the President. But then… neither is he. 45 is just a squatter in the Oval Office. He’s there via a hacked election wherein he didn’t even win the popular vote. That election should be declared null and void. Temporarily put either Obama or Biden back in until an all new election can be held. Really! If an average person like me can figure out that, why can’t all the smart people?

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