Each One Teach One: The KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News

Please watch this recent video from the New York Times.

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Each one teach one.


The saying “Each one teach one” is an African proverb that originated in America during slavery times. Slaves were seen as chattel and therefore denied an education so when one slave learned to read or write, it became his duty to teach someone else.


Knowledge is power



The header image is a screenshot from the video. I do not own the image. I used it for educational purposes.

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16 thoughts on “Each One Teach One: The KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News

      1. Thanks for finding this new link for me Rob. Absolutely horrific how misinformation is distributed and turns the world on its axis. Of course, the Russians are main culprits! I’m happy to share this video! 🙂

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      2. I can live in a Nation that sometimes fails to live up to its moral principles; I won’t live in a nation that has no principles at all. If I wanted to live in Russia, I’d move there. I’m furious about this attack and the damage it’s done to our people. It would be abnormal to feel any other way. If you live in a democracy, Putin’s cyber maggots are already working erode your government. Knowledge is our best defense.



      3. Absolutely! And don’t think I haven’t spoken to friends about my own cozy country. I believe it’s so cozy it’s a safe haven for terrorists to lie low. And everything seeps through the borders – whatever happens in US trickles down here. Crazy people who condemn that shit brings ideas here. I sign so many petitions. IN fact, I told my husband I may have to get more involved here next year politically as Trudeau’s re-election is coming up and I’m seeing to many negative comments around about him. I wish people would just get damned educated about who they vote for. It should be country first everywhere and forget party, do the right thing as Russia gobbles up more territory and bullies the west and Europe rigging everyone’s politics. Democratic leaders seem to be disappearing. Europe has Macron by a fluke as Russia tried to get LePenn elected. Merkel in Germany is great, but she’s got a mess to deal with the escalating violence and her term’s up in a year and a bit and who will replace her? Scary times these are for everyone. 😦

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      4. Oh, I’m fully aware of that. I tell my friends Putin sees the world like the game of ‘Risk’ – systematically trying to control the world!

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      5. Thanks for the video Rob. Even more scary than the video are the comments below it. This is what we should fear most – the blind and the ignorant

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  1.         Love that Trump believes he invented the phrase! It's scary. It's not new, and evidence of 'disinformation' goes back into history but the ease with which it can be disseminated nowadays makes it increasingly easy to spread - and increasingly difficult to separate fake from fact. When I was working in Pakistan, people trying to vaccinate kids were being killed because it was 'a well known fact' the Americans were using vaccination programs to introduce just about everything from sterility to AIDS. I despair sometimes, I really do - which is, of course, what 'they' want! The Russians aren't the only ones doing it either.     

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    1. Sorry, Rob, there are typos and mistakes in my comment. It’s late at night here and I’m on my second glass of wine! I meant to say, The Russians are not the only ones doing it. Can you edit my comment and slip that not in?

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  2. Thanks for the video, Rob.
    Depriving education (and transportation) has always been the means of control, even in the earliest times. Now it’s also used by bullies and abusers.
    All the “alternative facts” and fake news is just a new way of depriving people of education/knowledge. The bombardment of it buries the real information.
    Yes knowledge is power — and it keeps getting harder to dig out the real thing. Thanks for helping us do that.
    Hugs on the wing.

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