33 thoughts on “I have a question

  1. Yes, but I have a taste for more of the exotic so watch the conservatives too to get a more rounded balanced picture of world events. Too much of one side can stunt ones growth en mon avis.
    And if one is paying attention in the Art of War. One does not neglect to view, read or listen to the other side.

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  2. NO. But I have been. And I had to go off it. And now, I sorta binge and purge. It’s upsetting. It’s all so upsetting. I can’t afford to be ignorant, but I can’t stay sane with all the corruption and futility. Binge and purge.

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    1. We have reason to hope. The midterms were a watershed moment. Americans went to the polls in numbers so large we forced our democracy to work, and in the process we exposed the real election cheats. The midterms were a affirmation to ourselves and the world. We voted for Democracy and now the system must give it to us. The corrupt will not give up without a fight. But they’re going to lose. 🙂


      1. I love the way you’re blazing hope at me right through this comment. I do feel suddenly pumped about it. Voter turnout was great, you’re right. Sadly, my state is still so red. But yes, HOPE. Yes. of course.

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I agree, especially now. At this point anyone who decides to live in an echo chamber that affirms his worst fears and most irrational beliefs is dong himself and his country a disservice.


  3. Hi Robert,
    I’m almost ashamed to be American these days. Trump has harmed this country not only here, but internationally. Once he is out of office (hopefully soon) it will take years to repair the damage. What I can’t understand is why is the Republican leadership is allowing this to continue. What do they have to gain? The Donald will not help them unless they pay homage to him. This whole situation is a dictatorship in the making and somehow, someway, it needs to be stopped and soon.

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    1. Thank you, Chuck. The became a referendum on our system of government/ Will Americans stand up and demand respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law? The answer was yes. We said yes to the rule of law and showed that our democracy works. Now we watch the exposure of an international conspiracy to defraud the government of the United States; the end game: regime change.


    1. Thanks. This was an astonishing week, capped by the passing of the 41st President who has become a saint because Trump is so terrible. I disagreed with him but he had humility and he admitted his mistakes. We want that in a president.


      1. I remembered that Bush passed the Americans with Disabilities Act. That and Clinton’s decision to fund a pass program for people on disability allowed me to return to work and have a career. A good president serves all of the people. It’s odd, I didn’t notice how good Bush was until now. I still don’t agree with everything he did..


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