December 2017 cover of the National Enquirer as seen in Safeway. The Cover reads 'Clintons Rigged Trump Investigation

Rob’s Saturday News Wrap Up, December 15, 2018

Here are a few of the reports I watched this week.

My focus is the United States and the hysterics of our Red Queen of a president but I do include reports from France and the U.K.

I use multiple news outlets to verify facts.

Professional fact based journalism is not a liberal conspiracy.

The facts of a story don’t change when reported by credible journalists.

A good reporter tells you when she has moved from fact to analyses and opinion.

The GOP wants to brand hostility to Putin’s vision of America as a blatantly corrupt totalitarian state as a leftist plot.

My Father raised me to believe that targeting a group of people for persecution and extermination is the ultimate act of human evil.

The penultimate act of human evil is watching people suffer and die in silence.

I will not sit silently and watch Latin immigrants become the TrumpGOP’s ‘Jews’.

I will not have this stain on my country.

In Trump’s America, we who stand for democracy and human rights are the conservatives.

Eleanor Roosevelt holds up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Eleanor Roosevelt holds up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This list of videos is not comprehensive, please feel free to add fact based links  to news items of your own in the comments section.

Special counsel to reveal new details on Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort-CBS

Ex-FBI chief James Comey speaks after House hearing-CBS

Mueller filings pose growing peril for Trump | Meet The Press | NBC News

House Republicans Release James Comey Closed-Door Hearing Transcript | NBC Nightly News

Adam Schiff says Trump faces “real prospect of jail time” after leaving office – Face the Nation

French President Emmanuel Macron On Paris Riots: ‘I Take My Share Of Responsibility’ | NBC News

Carl Bernstein: This could make the world tremble-CNN

Jamal Khashoggi’s last words: ‘I can’t breathe’

Theresa May delays UK Brexit vote – CNN

Michael Cohen Speaks Out Against Trump -ABC

FBI Foils Two Unrelated Terror Plots – NBC

Trump Threatens Shutdown in Meeting with Top Democrats: PBS

How a 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Died While in U.S. Detention: PBS

‘If you Google the word idiot, a picture of Donald Trump comes up’ – BBC News

Robert Mueller slams Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI: CNN

Maria Butina Admits Being An Agent Of Russia, Will Help US Prosecutors | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: President Donald Trump Can Be Indicted For Federal Crimes | The Last Word | MSNBC

Opinion | Republicans are choosing party over country


Photo of the cover of the December 2017 National Enquirer at the local Safeway.

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24 thoughts on “Rob’s Saturday News Wrap Up, December 15, 2018

  1. Great selection Rob. The newscycle is fast and furious now. You’d probably need 10 pages for what’s coming this week between Flynn sentencing, lying donnie and his crimes, government shutdown and his damned wall.

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      1. There is so much news about events that have an immediate impact on our lives it’s hard to know where to begin. Yesterday we heard a Judge tell a Trump’s Former Secretary of State that his crimes are disgusting. It was an amazing moment of clarity that transcended all of Putin and Trump’s lies. All of them are disgusting.

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      2. I think Trump’s goal is to give Putin as much as he can before his time is up. The United States needs to revisit the idea of a President who can do anything he wants because he’s the President. When Trump leaves, we will not be able to prosecute him for many of his crimes as President unless we look at Russia’s ‘meddling’ from Putin’s perspective. From Putin’s perspective the ‘meddling’ was an act of war.

        From Putin’s perspective, we’re at war.

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  2. Wow, Robert! What a post. It is obvious how those developments are moving you and upsets you. I am still shaking my head how such behaviors still succeed. Over here May’s engagement is in the news daily. Still shaking my head.

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  3. Rob you did an amazing job with this post.
    Although I know how horribly difficult and upsetting the news is for you.
    You must have been exhausted to the core when you finished gathering this post. Maybe a news free day is in order?

    Just the same, thank you for doing this. I trust you to find the facts, when I have so little time to look for credibility that as a result, I just don’t check much of the news.
    You’ve included several of the stories about which I wanted to know more — but the timey wimey issue. So I really appreciate this.
    Wishing you a peacefully sublime Sunday. Hugs on the wing.

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  4. “My Father raised me to believe that targeting a group of people for persecution and extermination is the ultimate act of human evil.”
    Yeah. Well. I like your dad’s thinking. This is called racism. And it sucks big time. When it materializes in action, in the form of nationalism, it is called fascism, nazism, or, now, trumpism.
    A seven year old girl died in border custody yesterday from dehydration.
    Look up her photo. She was adorable. So full of life and hope.
    I am not sure if it was when she was actually dead, or dying, that border patrol, “delayed responding for an hour.”
    Kristin what’s her name, head of something trumpy relating to immigrants, said, “Her family attempted to enter the country illegally.”
    I am so glad she clarified why it was okay to kill a beautiful seven year old girl.
    This is why I think wild animals are nicer.
    They don’t do this shit.
    Love to Robert and thank you for what you do on so many levels.

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    1. My little sister was 5 when she died. As an adult, I finally realized it was due to Munchausen syndrome by proxy. No not dehydration, and she wasn’t a detainee… but she was just as trapped and had no advocate. Every time I look at that little girl, I think of my sister. I have a deeper, wider insight into the people who let it happen, and (to a degree) how horrible it must be for her family. In many ways, I think this is the most horrific story of the year. Her photo should have been on the yearly feature cover of Time– but her short life didn’t result in the change of anything. Yet. Maybe it will…

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