Digital image made in Virtual Reality that portrays the Christ child as discovered by a homeless man

Accept the Gift

This is my traditional Christmas post.

First posted 12/11/2016 as The Night Bobby Found Christ in an Abandoned SubwayΒ Car.

I imagined a modern Nativity and saw a homeless kid who finds the abandoned Christ child in an old subway car.

Will he accept the burden of this gift?

An avatar that represents an alternate named Bobby is shown finding the Christ child in an abandoned subway car
A homeless youth finds the abandoned Christ child in an unused subway car.

I got the idea for the subway car from Dark Days, a documentary made in the 1990’s about a tribe of homeless people who live in the abandoned subway tunnels of New York.

I used VR to make a video of it.

I use two photo-shopped frames from the documentary as an homage to it.

I first came up with this idea in 2011 but didn’t have the skill I needed
to make a video work the way I envisioned it.

I was going to remake the video for this Christmas but had a soul sucking
bout of theΒ  flu that still lingers.

The video works but I see ways to make it better so I WILL remake the video
for next Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the World!

May we find our way back to reason and light.

I’ll see you guys after Christmas.

The video is a series high-resolution panels staged and shot in virtual reality and processed in multiple apps.

I cropped a cover of Silent Night Β found at the Internet Archives.

To the best of my knowledge the recording is in the public domain.

Rob Goldstein 2016-2018
Revised 2018

61 thoughts on “Accept the Gift

      1. I’m glad to hear that Melinda. I can do almost everything I set out to do. My biggest struggles are with depression and lost time. Depression is so physically draining. But I do make progress and that’s what matters.

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      2. Robert nano steps are steps forwards. You have an illness that is very challenging requiring your constant attention to stay healthy. I have the same issue with lost time and I made a decision to not let that hold me back, it’s part of what we have to do. You are number one before posting, it’s about you being happy and healthy. You’ve taught me so much this year, I am so encouraged every time I see the art and videos you make. It gives me hope I can improve my skills in the coming year. You’re a good man Robert and I’m glad we know each other. We can look forward to 2019 and what new challenges it brings us. Please remember, I’m always here, email me anytime. Hugs

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  1. Rob, I love the concept of bringing the story into the present. Your choice of setting and situation is superb. The details in your images are great to further the story. The video is already great. I can’t wait to see what you do with it next year.
    I hope you are fully recovered from the fly soon. I know you are tired of it.
    Merry Christmas, my friend. 🌟✨🌠 πŸŒ‰

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  2. Beautiful and extraordinary, Robert. The video made me gasp…in the best way. And yes, hopes for finding our way back to that light. All the best to you for a wonderful holiday.

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      1. I’ve got the hardware for it…my problem is that I have to be careful about using VR because it image requires a ‘controlled’ use of my symptoms or alternates. If they become completely autonomous again life in the real world is hellish. So I limit the use of VR to twice a month. But I’d love to learn how to make a good high resolution video — If I didn’t have DID I’d be endlessly fascinated with Virtual Reality as a means of making art and performance.,

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      2. You have such a talent Rob, and I loved the way you put all of this together. I wouldn’t be able to stand using VR that much either so can understand why you have to limit your time with it πŸ™‚

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      3. Yes. Although it sounds judgemental of me; I will never understand people who see a tool like VR as nothing more than a way to indulge in ersatz consumerism. That could also just be my inability to understand the gaming mentality.

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  3. This is, I’m struggling to find the right words, Rob, astonishing, moving, thank you. And thank you for bringing this, sharing it with those who visit my blog party. Hope this week treats you kindly. πŸ™‚

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  4. Robert, what you created here is deeply touching. It went straight to my heart and I still have goosebumps. It is basically a very interesting thought how Christ would incarnate today. I can absolutely go with your idea and again. That video says more than thousand words! Thank you for this!

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