A scanned copy of one of the posters handed out at the 2017 Women's March

Let Freedom Ring: Two Years of #Resistance

This video is a mix of clips from the 2017 Women’s March, the 2018 Women’s March 2018, the March for Science  the March for Climate Change,  the Tax march and Pride 2017 and 2018.

The cuts from the 2017 Women’s March on Washington are from Rand Hall posted to the Internet Archive.

The rest of the videos are mine and made in San Francisco.

This is a re-post with a video update.

The previous video didn’t work for me.

This one looks the same but it’s sharper and better paced.

The header images are scans of the poster handouts at the 2017 Women’s
March on Washington.

To the best of my knowledge the posters are in the public domain, I sharpened the colors but I did not make the posters.

I cropped a mix of Spiritual High by Moodswings and the ‘I have a Dream’ speech by Martin Luther King. I found the mix at the Internet Archives.

Thank you to the talented Democrats who took charge of the House of Representatives.

Look at what we can accomplish when we unite.

Rob Goldstein(c) 2018

11 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring: Two Years of #Resistance

  1. I have a confession about this post. I was coming out of a bad spell when I started work on it and wasn’t as focused as I thought I was when I composed it. I often find small mistakes but never the mishmash of errors I found in this and never after the first correction. I’ve had to revise this post four times, so my apologies to folks who get email notifications.


  2. Beautiful work, Rob! Yes, let freedom ring! King’s speech, the music, and the video all work wonderfully together, perfectly paced. It made me want to put on my pink “kittycat” hat and cheer! Awesome… you nailed this one. Perfection.

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