Panorama shot of the San Francisco Skyline

Haiku One: A Blue Grey Day

Whiff of snow
this blue-grey day
an icy fog takes awhile


(C) Rob Goldstein 2019


Inspired by a post on cosistories who was inspired by a michnavs response to the January #writingPrompt on Myths of the Mirror. I call this a Haiku but know it isn’t. I don’t usually take challenges so I hope I did this right. 🙂


ICEMAN – January’s #WritingPrompt

37 thoughts on “Haiku One: A Blue Grey Day

  1. Great photo and poem to go with it. Fun to see you respond (in a way) to Diana’s prompt. I was a bit of a rebel too. :–) I’m in SF right now where the fog makes everything ethereal

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  2. Beautiful, Robert, and there is no wrong way to write poetry! I’m so glad that you were inspired by the posts inspired by the prompt. :-)I’m honored and will share your poem in early February. Is the image yours? It’s ethereal.

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