Views of the Neighborhood – Potpourri

from John Howell

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Today is a sampling of some things. I started with the idea of face boards and then got a little distracted with other things along the way. I hope you enjoy today’s tour.

Views of the neighborhood

Here is a face board for a storage facility. You can also see their Farley boat.

This is in front of our vet’s office

Stingrays is a restaurant and bar

This is the Gaff’s face board. Notice that annoying fender in the way.

The fender belongs to the Gaff staff car

Of course, there are belt sander races this weekend. No, we are not going.

I love this blessing box.

A little lending library too.

The front of a gift shop.

Oceans of Seafood. A bar and restaurant.

A reminder of what can happen if you are not careful.

Coastal Ed’s Gold Cart rental

The tackle shop

The souvenir shop

A dolphin in the parking lot. Blown off the building by Hurricane…

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