Politics: Be informed, not influenced.

January was a lifetime for news junkies.

Every day is another month of corruption and narcissism and treason.

There is no Trump without Putin and the chaos and random violence that
plagues our lives the result of a long-term and ongoing Russian attack on American Democracy.

Putin’s declaration of war is a classic gaslight: we elected his puppet, he didn’t make us to vote for it; or did he?

Americans should find foreign intervention intolerable in our public debates and elections intolerable.
Americans should find foreign intervention intolerable in our public debates and elections intolerable.

Vladimir Putin’s Information Warfare is a psychological theater of cruelty where the people of the ‘target nation’ are convinced to turn on each other each other, while a small cadre of criminal oligarchs steal their wealth and freedoms.

To accomplish a ‘regime change’ Putin unleashes an arsenal of psychological weapons designed to distort our perceptions of reality.

This includes staged events.


Screenshot from, the New York Post
Russian’s staged pro trump rallies in the us

Putin calls these strategies ‘Active Measures’.

An active measure can be anything, such as inciting or paying anonymous
thugs to attack a beloved performer while shouting right-wing slogans.

I am not saying that his is what happened to Jussie Smollett; I’m saying the trump administration and the GOP have done nothing to protect America from Russian Active Measures so we have no way to be sure.

Nothing is at it seems until we know all the facts and see them verified by multiple national and international news outlets.

If you see appeals to emotion and divisive propaganda ask yourself why you’re seeing it.

Be angry that we have a president who incites violence when you hear reports of hate crimes against gays and people of color; don’t be angry with anonymous straight white people.

Be informed, not influenced.

If you live in a democracy, you are under attack.

Here is collection of PDF files, links, and videos with information about Russian Information Warfare, and the strategies he uses to turn us against each other.

Click the link below to download the NATO Handbook of Russian Information Warfare.

Handbook of Russian Information Warfare – NATO Defense College

Here is a Rand Study of the Russian ‘Firehose of Falsehood’ Propaganda Model.


Here is a link to the Committee to Investigate Russia.

The following short videos use simple language to explain the 2016 attack and a warning of what to expect as we enter the 2020 Campaign.

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