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On Writing and Music

Writing and Music

I am SO excited to host this author and her book today! I have read this book and can tell you it’s a great story! And there are GIVEAWAYS! Now, let’s hear from the author.

The Button Tour Giveaway:

2– “The Button” Kindle Format

$5 Amazon Gift Card

1-“The Button” Signed Paperback and Book Marker

A Second Excerpt from “The Button.”

It’s the end of chapter one. Lynn has been partying
all night. She stepped outside for a smoke before having “just one more drink”
before heading home. All alone after a quick conversation with the cute
bartender she hears a voice in the dark:


“What?” Lynn looked around, but there was no
one there. Alone and hearing voices—awesome!


“Hey, who’s there?” She peered into the
darkness. No one answered. Her arms were covered with goosebumps. That voice
reminded her of something, but what?

Unnerved, she…

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