Digital Painting of Superman based on a frame from a 1940's Superman cartoon.

Poetry: Honeysuckle and Easter

A shimmering butterfly
circles the honeysuckle
in the backyard where
sunflowers grow a
foot tall, by daddy’s
garage where doo-wop
streams from the radio
this hot Passover Day

slurping Kool-Aid and
munching matzah
in my Superman

wishing my Sister
would go away.

(c) Rob Goldstein 1984-2019
“It’s Superman” Rob Goldstein 2019

36 thoughts on “Poetry: Honeysuckle and Easter

      1. That’s okay. I stay confused. LOL.
        I sent a comment about my brother, referencing the “wanting my sister to go away.” We were children. Children say shit. Your sister is gone now. So is my brother. 😪

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    1. It is an entirely different world, isn’t it? Even more amazing is many of the people who grew up in that world are still relatively young. My sister would be in her late 50’s. I wonder if the rapid evolution of high technology has caused a tunnel effect that makes the past seem more distant than it is.


      1. That very true how quickly the changes came. Maybe it does seem so long ago because of that but to me its like yesterday sometimes and another life.

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      1. I remember thinking that about my middle brother. I was always tasked with watching him when I was at home. He wasn’t “all there” and I resented not being able to do what I wanted to do. He’s gone now, and I think back on those times…but…when he finally went to a home, I was the only one in the family who went to see him, even though he didn’t know who I was.
        Grieve…and smile when you remember her.

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      1. The nice thing about this poem is it’s a good memory and a common childhood theme: that’s not true of most of the work I produce based on childhood. This piece comes from a happy place in my psyche; the part that remembers wonder, magic, and playing with trucks. 🙂

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