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Rob’s Weekly News Wrap-Up – 4/19-4/26: On a Personal Note

Following the news this week was intellectually challenging and emotionally exhausting.

I’m not a lawyer or a trained journalist, I have problems with memory and concentration, but I am determined to decide what I think of The Mueller report by reading it.

The Mueller Report describes a lawless president intent on obstructing the the legitimate investigation of an attack on the people of the United States.

A Page from Robert Mueller's Report to Congress
A section of Robert Mueller’s Report to Congress regarding trump’s attempts to obstruct his investigation.

The Report describes this attack as meticulous and psychological.

Russia used the personal data and psychological profiles of over 87 Million Americans to target specific groups of people with appeals to tribalism and fear.

The Internet Research Agency built Facebook communities across the political spectrum, but targeted Clinton in all of them. Mueller’s report lists conservative groups like “Being Patriotic,” “Stop All Immigrants,” “Secured Borders,” and “Tea Party News”; black social justice groups like “Black Matters,” “Blacktivist,” and “Don’t Shoot Us”; LGBTQ groups like “LGBT United”; and religious groups “United Muslims of America.”

“Main idea: Use any opportunity to criticize Hillary [Clinton] and the rest (except Sanders and Trump — we support them),” IRA operators told specialists. BuzzFeed.News

According to the University of Oxford’s Computational Propaganda Research Project the Russian attack began in 2013:

Oxford’s Computational Propaganda Research Project

No lie about Clinton was too absurd:

Wikileaks BOMBSHELL Reveals that Hillary Clinton Murdered Vince Foster!

No racist attack was too base:


Screenshot of antisemitic propaganda produced by the Russian Internet Research Agenc
Antisemitic propaganda produced by Russia’s Internet Research Agency

In 2016 I saved hundreds of screenshots of the propaganda campaign deployed by the IRA.

What kind of President blocks his government’s investigation of an enemy attack?

Based on the emerging evidence, Trump is an idiot if he genuinely believes he’s a legitimate president with a mandate, and if he’s one of Putin’s useful idiots, my guess is his strategist is the Kremlin’s top handler.

The House and Senate GOP know what Trump is, but they’re useful idiots too.

What comes next is up to us, I don’t like it, I’d rather think about and do other things, but I won’t belong to the generation that killed American Democracy.

This moment is not about winning a game.

This is moment is not about our feelings.

This moment is a reckoning with the facts and history will damn those who choose to ignore them.

I believe in a God that expects humanity to use reason and science to nurture and fully inhabit creation.

To do this we need a civilized world order governed by leaders who respect and protect the rule of law regardless of political and religious affiliation.

With Trump as President, Russia is free to continue to attack our minds, and the gaslighting will only get worse as we head into the 2020 campaign.

Here is a link to the Mueller Report, please read it and pass it on.  Below are a few the videos I liked this week

Know your first amendment rights on the internet:

Learn lateral reading, use multiple tabs in your browser to look stuff up and fact check as you read. Real-time fact-checking can help you figure out what’s real and what’s not on the internet.


Ageism: Why do we treat old people like babies?


A History of LGBT rights at the UN


The Creative Process: Leonard Nimoy on developing “Star Trek’s” Spock character


Rob Goldstein, 2019

19 thoughts on “Rob’s Weekly News Wrap-Up – 4/19-4/26: On a Personal Note

  1. This post is so chock full of great information. What’s interesting to me is that the Mueller report only lends credence to what we already knew. I hope the Democrats impeach regardless of political consequences. There is a time when it is imperative to stand up for fairness and justice.

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    1. Thanks Diana. The Mueller report essentially says I was right to trust my gut reaction that something was off about the trump campaign and ‘WikiLeaks’.

      I’m on a campaign to get bloggers to upload and share the Mueller Report from their blogs. We can’t fight a thousand automated trolls but we can make the truth easier to find. 🙂

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  2. Great read Rob! I only hope that people come out in masses to vote this idiot out of office. Ever since the election, I’ve been plotting our escape if necessary. Never in my 60 years on this planet did I think I would see the daily onslaught against our democracy. The dumbing down of our fellow Americans never ceases to amaze me. The hatred of others is disturbing. The racism has always been there, now this numbskull in the WH has normalized it. This behavior is not normal. We need to take our country back!

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    1. I saw people complaining on twitter about trouble finding the link to the Justice Department. Political action can be as simple as making The Mueller Report easier to find and read by posting it to your blog. Imagine a hundred bloggers uploading the Mueller Report to their blogs. The thought makes me smile.

      The Mueller Report is a shocking account of disdain for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. It is a painful and terrifying read.

      It is an essential read for anyone who lives in a democracy.

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      1. Do you watch Real time with Bill Maher? He had a great summation of the Mueller report at the end of his show this past Friday. In essence, Mueller did the country a huge disservice.

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