Trina Woke From a Dream

Illustration of a victorian girl with fairy moths

Teagan Geneviene and I collaborated on a Trina story. Teagan sent visual prompts by Michael Whelan and we wrote lines based on the images.

I think Teagan may post the story to her blog. If she does, her version
may be different.

Trina Woke from a dream

Illustration of a victorian girl with fanciful moths

Trina woke from a dream

The Shadow Boy was coming to visit while she languished above a
labyrinth of verdant shrubs.

The Shadow Boy was intrigued when he saw a blond child with a bow
and arrow levitating outside the window of the monorail.

Was the blond child looking for his shadow? Could he catch it with his arrow?

The shadow boy examined the child for clues.

‘He’ had pixie ears and breasts.

This was not his boy.

Trina waved at the shadow boy and motioned for him to join her.

The boy hesitated. Trina wondered why: perhaps because the sun was going down.

The Shadow Boy shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, besides there’s a streetlight.

Trina decided it made no difference.

She still had Madison, but wait, where had Madison got to?

She was chasing a cluster of moths drawn to streetlight.

Madison out chasing moths? This was out of character.

“What’s wrong with you?” Trina asked.

“Nothing!” Madison scowled.

‘You’re chasing moths.”

“ They’re chasing me. Look at these holes!”

And it was true; Madison was full of holes.

(c) Rob Goldstein and Teagan R. Geneviene




44 thoughts on “Trina Woke From a Dream”

  1. Another fantastic collaboration, Rob. Teagan and you are a match made in heaven (or whimsy!). The image and the story will keep me thinking for a long while and have put a smile on my face. Thanks to both! ♥

  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    That was a fun collaboration! I laughed outloud at the end with the moths and holes. I wasn’t expecting that:)

  3. I’m so glad you’re playing with these characters, Rob (and Teagan). They’re delightful and original. The artwork is an added plus. I would happily read more. 🙂

      1. LOL. Rob if you had seen all the moths in my room that night, Madison’s “chasing” them might have gotten violent. 😀
        If you were Trina, then I was surely Madison. Hugs.

      1. Glad you’re visiting I had many interesting collaboration projects happened in 2018/19 book illustration, a music Album Cover artwork released already, fanzine Cover Design and lots of Art and paintings!

      1. Is nice to meet you too please let’s stay connected it is always nice to discover new Bloggers and Rob is one of my long time followers and friend here on WP! 😉 Hugs

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