Blogging: Ever Lose a Post or Two?

Update 8:19pm

Lord knows I’ve had some recent WordPress woes and was most unhappy about the loss of the re-blog button so I did complain to the WordPress gods who fixed the unhappiness with a sledgehammer.

The upshot is the tech moved my blog to a different server which restored
‘reblog’ and broke everything else.

I’m laughing , really I am.

Any media installed while my blog was on the other server
is gone.

The blog is an unholy nest of missing image links so I have to go
through each post.

It’s a nightmare — but, on the bright side — I get to rebuild my blog.

I’m going to do alot of reblogs for the rest of the week because not
doing it feels like a waste.

Update 6:57pm.

When the re-blog button was restored to Art by Rob Goldstein; I lost a month’s worth of posts. I also lose the formatting when I hit ‘post’ or update’.

I will restore the Feature of Hugh W. Roberts tomorrow.

In the meantime the rest of the blog is a complete mess.

But at least I can do reblogs. (yay! :))

Blogging lesson learned today?

Do backups.

Thanks for bearing with me as I reconstruct the blog.

Rob Goldstein 2019

41 thoughts on “Blogging: Ever Lose a Post or Two?

  1. Oh, Rob… I feel so bad for you. This is something that should NOT happen. There are so many things wrong with that process, I can’t begin to understand. Sorry – not enough, but it’s all I’ve got.

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    1. From what I gather, in mid-May, WordPress ‘upgraded’ business accounts and moved them to a more secure server. The engineers ‘forgot’ to add the ‘reblog’ and ‘follow this blog’ functions. To get those functions back my blog was ‘restored’ to the older server with the last backup made on that server. I lost everything from mid-May to June 11. It could be worse so I can’t complain. I need to remember to do regular local backups because something like this is inevitable. It’s going to take a week or two for me to get this blog into shape. Thanks for your support, Dan.

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  2. Aiiii when my blog crashed recently I looked at it as a time to refresh, and it looks like you did the same. Sledgehammer came down and then the rain, but after that the sun. I hope that the rebuild of your awesome blog goes smoothly, my friend.

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    1. I’m loving it. It’s like editing. In see a blog post as an advanced rough draft. I need to rework the color scheme but I think I’m happy with the font. Thanks for the visit and comment, Christy. Your blog looks great, BTW.

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      1. Thanks Rob. I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the scenes, much like you are now, editing and designing. It’s a process. Your posts are going to be even stronger than before now that they’re getting edits like this. And I look forward to more reads. Good to catch up with you!

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      2. Thank you Christy. I got a free blog out of it. It turns out WordPress ran a backup of what they could and saved it to a different domain. After I clean it out I’m going to use it to publish my adult writing. I don’t talk about it much, but I an in a 1984 anthology of best Gay Erotica. This disaster is a gift. 🙂

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      1. The biggest problem I have is that every conceivable kind of store…is an hour away.
        The town is very proud of the new Walmart they got two years ago…but…wow. I think my house is bigger than it is. 🥴

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  3. Rob, your experience is a reminder to us all that we should back up our blog often. I try and do backups at least once a fortnight, and the backup process is so easy to do.

    I’m glad WordPress managed to sort out the problem of your missing reblog button. Your ‘follow/following’ button is also back in the bottom lefthand corner of your blog when scrolling down your blog.

    In most cases, I’ve always found the WordPress Happiness engineers very helpful. They have got me out of all sorts of trouble when things went wrong with my blog. I’m delighted they are there to help, even if sometimes they don’t quite understand the problem.

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    1. The technician did what he had to do to fix the problem. Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer. This was a good lesson for me and an opportunity to clean out old posts and streamline the blog. The good news is I restored your feature. 🙂

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