Digital Painting of a young make avatar splashed with blood

This Reference to Jack the Ripper

This slit between thumb
and forefinger:

You know this is murder,

you know where this ends.

I twist your knife

and my body dies with a sigh.

Oh, the panicky phone calls at

Oh, the need to know:

Lodged between hemispheres:

To see is to trust, to trust

that all is as it seems.

Peel skin to bone;

acquiescence is better

than silence,

and nothing is nothing

at all.

Image and Text (c) Rob Goldstein, 2017 all rights reserved.



13 thoughts on “This Reference to Jack the Ripper

  1. A perfect evocative image to go with this poem, Rob.
    The words are something I feel more than I rationally understand. But feel them I do and very much. It brings up dark times of the past.
    Beautifully done. Hugs on the wing.

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