I Wear the Sun

i want to strip
& spread a blanket
on the Boulevard
in Santa Monica
and sip a Coke
and wear Dark Glasses
and bleach the tips
of my hair
and pretend
everyone thinks
i wear the sun
Rob Goldstein 2015-2019

16 thoughts on “I Wear the Sun

  1. It’s fresh! I feel the coke bubbles tickle my nose, and the warmth of the sun. Everyone stares in envy. Then a few others add more blankets, taking up the whole sidewalk. Oh and there’s a Doctor Pepper!
    I love the image, Rob. She’s as smoldering as the sun. Great earrings too. πŸ˜‰ Hugs on the wing.

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  2. I wear the Moon
    I stripped and borrowed that blanket
    After hours
    Sipping moonshine
    As all the stars watched me
    Because they thought I used to wear the sun
    Only they couldn’t figure out how I changed
    I just stared at the blanket….

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