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Twittering Tales: The Caesurian Section

The Caesurian Section

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The critic

wheels my poem

into surgery.

He packs the skull

with stately


He pins a metrical

foot to its mouth.

He tapes an allusive

paradox to its groin.

My poem opens its

eyes and speaks:

Am I great yet?

196 Characters

Robert Goldstein 2015-2019

This is an entry for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #142 – 25 June 2019

Twittering tales Kat Myrman
Twittering Tales Kat Myrman

23 thoughts on “Twittering Tales: The Caesurian Section

  1. Hi Matthew –

    This is excellent. You may want to correct the spelling; it’s Cesarean Section if you’re referring to the birth process.

    All best, Flora


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