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As a member of Rave Reviews Book Club, I am proud to showcase several exceptional writers. All are members of the literary section of the club titled Rave Writers – International Society of Authors. RWISA.

D.L.Flynn D.L.Flynn

Today I want to Welcome D. L Finn, who has four beautiful poems to share with you.

POETRY by D. L. Finn


The icicles dangle downward

Reaching for the substantial snow

Each drop bringing them closer

As the landscape merges into itself

It is silent in its existence

Until a raven reveals itself

Wondering what’s in the trash

Yet, the moment remains peaceful

Sitting and surveying in the chill

An instant promising potential

When there is no celerity

When crackling fires call

When surroundings are concealed

Soon, the renewal will be revealed

But now it’s the stage of contemplation.

For sustenance

For solace

For soul

To live on our abundance of the past

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  1. Dear Rob, Question – would you consider featuring an Anthology I am working on when it comes out? It is a lesbian and bi anthology of women who love women (published by Indie Blue) and is slated to come out around Sept/Oct. I would LOVE you to read it – give it your thoughts and possibly interview us about it? I am trying to get the L into the LGBTQ and I thought of you because of our shared interests and passions – it’s totally okay if you are not interested but I wanted to ask you my friend and see what you thought. xo Candice

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