How To Be A Bestselling Author in 3 Days or Less

Read this and go write something. 🙂


There’s a lot of noise out there about how to write a bestseller.

Why don’t we break it down.

Let’s simplify the process and get you to bestseller status in 3 days or less!

1. Write a book.

Use as many words as you think you need.

Plots are plots (it’s all been done/redone/overdone; characters are key).

Use a computer…… or pen…

None of it means anything if you don’t use your heart.

2. Edit.

Do not try this at home.

Being your own editor is like trying to cure your own cancer.

Don’t mistake skill or intent for reality.

A friend, family member, professional editor, a dog or cat (if the communication is clear) – anyone (and I mean anyone) but you.

3. Get published.
Big fancy publisher, self-publishing, blog it in serialized form, print them out and hand them to the masses on a street corner…

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4 thoughts on “How To Be A Bestselling Author in 3 Days or Less

  1. Cry havoc and let slip the pens of writing! 😉
    But seriously, thank you, dear Rob, for all your kindness, you make me want to be a better writer (and person). 😉
    Thanks for the reblog and the delightful words.
    Hope the week treats you well, full of peace, love and understanding (and no orange intrusions). 🙂

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