Trina sits in the park with the family of dolls

Trina: Trina’s New Doll

Trina pulled a bench out of her bag and sat by the duck pond in Central Park.

She rested her chin on her hands and watched a little yellow duckling scurry
after its mother.

I want a new dolly, thought Trina, but I want one like me.

“What does that look like?” asked Trina’s doll, Madison.

Trina pulled Madison out of her bag.

“She’s just like me, but taller, and with breasts, because she’s a grown up.”

“Why is she a grown up?”

So she can do grownup things.”

“Like what?”

Trina gazed at the duck pond and thought.

Madison giggled, “Tits don’t make a gown-up!”

Trina was shocked.

Madison snickered and grinned.

Anjana the elephant slowly lumbered out of the pond.

He lifted his mighty trunk and gently plucked the little yellow duckling from his back and released it find its Mother.

‘My friends,” he bowed.

Madison swiveled her head and frowned at Anjana: “Trina thinks she’s all grown up if she has…”

Trina grabbed the doll and stuffed it into her bag. “Breasts,” she said sweetly.

Arjuna nodded thoughtfully and flapped his ears. “I’m no hominid, but I think it takes more than breasts to be a grown-up human. Why do you want to be a grown up when you’re such a perfect little girl?”

Trina pulled out her tea set and a freshly baked plate of scones; she poured out tea and replied. “I want my new dolly to be a grown-up.”


“Because my world needs grown-ups.”

“We elephants are very grown up.”

“Really?” said Trina. “What kind of grown up things do you do?”

Anjana sipped his tea and thought.

“We never eat more than enough.”

“Neither do I,” said Trina.

“We remember things forever and ever.”

“So do I,” said Trina.

Anjana cocked his head and thought. “We always bathe once a month.”

Trina was horrified. “Adults only bathe once a month?”

Madison cackled: ‘oh no!”

An Illustration of the chatracter Trina, designing a doll from wood
Trina made her doll from snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Trina made her doll from snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

She fluffed its hair and primped its dress.

“Are you terribly grown up or grown up terribly?” she asked.

The doll opened its eyes and replied, “I’m terribly grown up.”

“How often do you bathe?” asked Trina.

“Twice a day!” answered the doll.

“For how long do you remember things?”

The doll gazed up at Trina and blinked.

“For no time at all,” she replied.

Trina smiled at her new doll and offered her a cup of tea.

An Illustration staged in virtual reality depicting the character of Trina designing an adult doll
Are you terribly grown up or grown up terribly?

(c) Rob Goldstein 2019


Trina’s New Doll inspired by a series of #photoprompts from D Wallace Peach.

‘The Demon Dolls’ in these images are designed by Sebastian Prince

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  1. I love your Trina stories, Robert. They’re so whimsical and freshly told. I never know where they’ll lead. And the artwork adds to the fun of reading. Thanks for the link. 🙂 I’m not back yet, but soon. Hope you enjoy the rest of your July. ❤

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      1. I have about a month to go with my folks, Robert. I have to move them again, this time into a place with more services, but I’m starting to ease back into blogging too. Thanks so much for the kindness. I miss my blog friends. ❤

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      1. Someone who understands the process well enough to understand who the pieces fit together. My therapist recommended that I check out this guy: The problem with DID is no one really knows how it works. Research was stymied for years by the myth that people made DID up for attention, as if a guy with my skills needs to make up a mental illness to feel accomplished. grr.

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      2. I have to read a couple of his books. I wish this was less difficult. I see so many people publish their work without these struggles and desperately wish I was one of them. I get so tired of having DID. I guess I’m feeling a bit beaten down today. It’s hard to concentrate when everything I hold dear is under attack. I’m referring to the outrageous ugliness in North Carolina last night.

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      3. I’m feeling better since we last spoke. I have to remember to take breaks from the news and social media. Everyone is stressed by trump’s craziness. I’ve changed my mind the editing. I’ve had an idea and I think I’m going to pick the brains of my writer friends on WordPress.

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      4. Good to hear on all counts Rob. Glad you’re feeling better, and lord knows how much better I feel when I step away from the news! And, oooh, a new idea? I’m happy to let you pick my brains. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Loved this whimsical tale Rob! I haven’t heard the term snakes snails and puppy dog tails in a while:)

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