19 thoughts on “Urban Art: Por Favor

      1. This is a bad time for rape victims, immigrants, survivors of childhood sexual assaults, people who had relatives die in the holocaust and for people who’ve lost husbands, wives, and children to war. These are dark days in America.

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  1. https://youtu.be/hzQdeSSPiXQ. This is evoked seeing your art again not the tours of carribean islands which is closer to the art insubject form… You evoke a mystery within the typical. How is it so power that the simplest needs are met with the effort for that and yet life is still a mystery of power that power of why there is a God’s blessing sitting to the morning rituals – I my tea just as dawn breaks – to contemplate the simply tasks of today -to gather with a pal I like and enjoy our adventure- simple stuff but the very meaning of joyous life. I encourage you as this shows farming I think I’ve seen a theme in this world. Tending and growing the hands! Great evocation. Mainly so you’d laugh at how I punish with the old tv. If you foodie, spicy antelope dumplings from feild to table are shown or a deeper heart to this life. And I offer an earworm now of another dusty treasure :. https://youtu.be/sWSoYCetG6A. Of course watch the both 12 episodic documentary and the hell long movie!!!! Glorious ness this.

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