Brother Love — A Novella!

Teagan Geneviene released a new book last weekend. Stop by her blog and check it out.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Brother Love cover Jinx on phoneJinx on rotary phone next to “Brother Love – a Crossroad” on my Kindle.

I was so impulsive in deciding to quickly “bookize” the serial that I didn’t plan ahead for a launch or promotions.  So I begin by repeating my thanks to Sally G. Cronin for announcing Brother Love – a Crossroad at her blog earlier this week.

My weekend post included a give away of an e-book of the novella.  I numbered your comments and used a random number generator to select the winner.

… And the winner is….. Dyanna Wyndesong! 

Dyanna publishes Ravenhawks Magazine.  Be sure to click over and say hello.

Meanwhile, I’ve just done a podcast.  The amazing Annette Rochelle Aben hosted me for a fun chat.  We discussed “Brother Love” and several other things.  I even brought her into my writing process by playing my three things writing exercise…

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3 thoughts on “Brother Love — A Novella!

  1. Many thanks for reblogging, Rob!
    I know how hard it is for people to keep up with a serial in the best of circumstances. It’s even more difficult during the summer.
    That’s why I followed the sudden impulse to get the novella out quickly. It was a big push to do all the work for it in just a few days, but I’m glad I did. It’s sort of my “thank you” to everyone who did or tried to follow the serial.
    Hugs on magpie wings!

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