Politics: The Art of Michael D’Antuono

Art is not made to decorate rooms. It is an offensive weapon in the defense against the enemy. Pablo Picasso, 1943-03-24

I saw the ‘Diversity’ poster by Michael D’Antuono in a tweet from Malcolm


Diversity Makes America Great


Michael D’Antuono’s art is reminiscent of Norman Rockwell.


“”Freedom from Fear” by Norman Rockwell 1943

But these are different times:

Cold as Ice

Like Rockwell, D’Antuono uses his art to make a powerful case for American Democracy and the Rule of Law.


“”Freedom of Worship” by Norman Rockwell 1943
The Talk
Make America Hate Again
If We Can’t Trust the President we need to Impeach

I post these images because I agree with them. I do not know the artist and do not profit from sales of his work.

Planned Prisonhood

Art by Michael D’Antuono

I do not own these images.

Rob Goldstein 2019

25 thoughts on “Politics: The Art of Michael D’Antuono

  1. Rob, thanks so much for featuring Michael D’Antuono’s artwork. I know I’ve seen some of it, but didn’t know who it was. This is a wonderful collection.
    Now that #45, the squatter in the Oval Office, has renewed his DISTRACTION tweets and rallies, we need to be reminded of the overall problem. All these racist speeches and tweets are mainly meant to distract us from his prosecutable crimes.
    These images are a great reminder. Hugs.

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      1. I’ve spent almost 10 years in psychotherapy to get sane in a nation in which a quarter of the people are crazy enough to look for pedophiles the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn’t have a basement because a Russian propagandist on FaceBook said Hillary Clinton was using the basement to traffic children. The fact that one of these nut jobs is President is what makes the story so outlandish. Add a professional class with no skills or dealing with an abusive, gaslighting know-nothing as President and we have the makings of a dark comedy.


  2. Hi Rob – Because this hits home with reality, the video was hard to watch.Thanks for posting and let’s not let this issue die. HUGS

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    1. Yes. We live in an ugly time made uglier by the fact that we know better. Perhaps I expect to much from people. I’m horrified and exhausted by last night’s racist spectacle in North Carolina. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

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