16 thoughts on “Poetry: A Time To Go

    1. That’s another interesting take on this poem and I see how the words lend themselves this interpretation. I learn about my work from the comments people leave. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    1. Thank you Jacquie. You’re the second person to see this as a poem about death. The poem is made of images that flashed through my mind one day. I wrote them down, and kept them around and decided they were a poem. I don’t know what they mean but that’s what I love about poetry, the reader gives a poem meaning and finishes the poem.

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  1. Great lines, Rob. When my sister passed away within 4 days of hospitalization, we were so sad and shocked with those flickering flames. For her, her suffering was ceased in an instance.

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      1. She was in coma but could hear us. We told her the whole family was there to see her. (We happened to be in Hong Kong for my nephew’s wedding). Her face was relaxed and slipped away.

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