Why Do We Not Like Talking About Death?

From Hugh Roberts. What do you think happens when we die?

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In September 2015, when my mother passed away, both my brother and I were with her as she took her final breath. I remember thinking how beautiful she was. She’d been in a deep sleep for nearly a week and, over that week, she seemed to age quickly. But during the last ten minutes of her life, beauty and youth came back to her.

Can people nearing death hear us?

The medical staff told us to talk to Mum while she slept. ‘She’ll hear you’, were their words, but how could they have known? Had they once been near death’s door where they witnessed the voices of those still living, or had somebody who had experienced near-death told them what happens?

My mother and grandmother.
Taken January 1962

We took their advice and talked to Mum as if she was sitting there having tea and biscuits with us. However…

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8 thoughts on “Why Do We Not Like Talking About Death?

  1. Hugh opened up a big subject here. Let me share my experience when my husband was dying. They had transported him home in an ambulance and put him into a drug-induced coma. He lingered for another week in that state. The medical people told me the same thing – that he could hear everything said even though he couldn’t respond. I don’t know if he did or not, but lots of people came by during that week to sit with him and share their last thoughts. But, at the moment when the soul left his body, there was such an incredibly overwhelming peace that filled the room. I literally saw a physical mist leave him and exit through a side door. Was that his soul? I think so. Then immediately following, I physically felt angels wings touching and holding me. It was a most profound experience. I have through the help of a medium, communicated with him since he passed and the confirmations are mind-blowing. I do not believe for one minute that everything ceases when we leave this physical body! I have proof!

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    1. Thank you for leaving this comment, Jan. I am so glad to know that your last moments with your husband were moments of grace. If he was able to hear you then his thoughts and prayers were there with you. It sounds like one of the most profound moments of your life. I hope the recovery from your accident is going well.

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