Twittering Tales: Trina Makes Up Her Mind

Trina Makes Up Her Mind

Trina learned the power of ones and zeros from the
elephant God, Anjana.

Anjana took ones and zeros to make mice.

He taught Trina to use them to make minds.

Trina studied her mind for flaws; she trimmed it to

When she finished, she used it to fly to New York.

239 characters

This is an entry for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #152–– 03 September, 2019

Twittering tales Kat Myrman
Twittering Tales Kat Myrman

Rob Goldstein 2019

13 thoughts on “Twittering Tales: Trina Makes Up Her Mind

  1. But, where are the mice? Are they on the plane? Did the mice morph into a material that is now Trina’s brain?
    I like stories that leave me on the edge. Good job.

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