Above My Head In Zion

I don’t want to overwhelm my followers with re blogs, but this is another must share poem from Visionarie Kindness Chronicles.

A Poet's Vision


Somewhere while the world is sleeping,

I lay awake,

watching angels build ladders in the sky. 

her cheeks are full.

“Blue Moon” its been awhile – ten thousand miles,

Since I laid my head down in the river.

Merciful waters -brought slaves their freedom,

sound baths- effervescent fluids brought us into the world

Merciless ships passing

waves and waves of human- people

Head down to the water- wave my troubles away

kindness sis krissy 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Above My Head In Zion

  1. Waves to wave my trouble away – it’s worth laying awake to have that. I would read this poem when I’m awake while people are asleep. Thank you for sharing, Rob. 🙂

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