Portrait of Rob Goldstein based on a photo by Nina Glaser

Poetry: The Prayer

I have loved me

some men, Lord:

me always in


as God

intended β€”

The redheads and

the blonds,

where are they now,

I wonder —

wretched without me,

I assume.

So, who is this twit

with a mind of

his own?

Does he know I

can’t live

without him?

Will you tell him,


in a dream,

as a dazzling insight?

Will you whisper

he mustn’t hurt


That he, please, please

mustn’t hurt me.

(c) Rob Goldstein August 1991-October 2019

Portrait of Rob Goldstein, based on a photograph by Nina Glaser
(c) Rob Goldstein 2019




28 thoughts on “Poetry: The Prayer

  1. A courageous plea with your heart on a platter Rob! I could feel your emotions. Most likely the poem was a private and sacred prayer, which you are now able to share, simply because your prayer has been answered.
    Belated anniversary wishes to both of you. Have to also say your painting is awesome and a credit to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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