Digital Painting of a woman to illustrate the poem

Poetry: The Silence

She slips


her rocker

and giggles:

can it be
can it be

that all I

can see


a reality?

She says, “Last night I thought
I heard God, but it mighta been
the Supremes.”

Wanna die, wanna die
from flying so high

today I am ten
and tomorrow
I’m 60.

More quiet,
more quiet,
more crazy

(c) 2015-2019 Rob Goldstein

18 thoughts on “Poetry: The Silence

  1. My grandparents used to say that you could reverse the numbers in your age when you didn’t like the real one. So I’m not even ten — I’m 06! Super poem and image, Rob — and I always loved the Supremes. Hugs on the wing.


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