24 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Night Clubbing

  1. At first, I thought he was in his bedroom, Rob. It looks like what could be a bed against the far wall when you look through the light. Then I saw the dustbins and wondered if he was on his way to the nightclub, or on his way home.

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    1. He might be heading to one of the local arcades or preparing to mug someone. I’m glad you can still see the bed through the light. I try to make these images work across platforms and monitors, so if you can see the bed, that part of the work is a success.

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      1. Oh, I can see the bed clearly, Rob. I missed the blood, though. It also looks as if he’s standing in one of two spotlights, so, for me, the image has a sci-fi element to it. Maybe he’s a robot from the future or even the past?

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      2. I can see the sci-fi elements. What I’ve done is used VR to create an abstracted version of Market Street in San Francisco, as I remember it from 1985, when Reagan’s budget cuts and the AIDS epidemic resulted in a massive community of homeless people in the area around our Civic Center. I used to take long walks at night through these encampments to document what I considered a breach of faith on the part of the Reagan administration. Thank you for these thought-provoking comments, Hugh.

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