the silence

House of Heart

Wiping a tear from our eye
a sympathetic smile
no need to apologize
no time forΒ  paperwork.
Scribbled notes mark the
time and day.
The dead are silent.
Mourners grieve behind closed doors.
It is not my demise nor yours.
We shake our heads and snuff our cigarettes
dig through our closets for the flag.

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23 thoughts on “the silence

  1. A surreal share for its truth, Robert. I know you’re hurting. I wish I could reach out and hold your hand until this is over. This will end. Stay safe and take good care of yourself. ❀ ❀

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    1. Thank you, Diana. Giving myself permission to shut down my blog when I can’t cope with our national nightmare is difficult, but it does work to mitigate tstress. This is no place in a pandemic for a mental health crisis that requires medical intervention, so I can kill my blog, or I can kill myself, so I guess I have to kill my blog. πŸ™‚

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      1. Cocooning is okay, Robert. Yup, kill the blog. You can always resurrect it when this nightmare is over. Just know that there are blogger angels all around you whenever you need us, whenever you need a virtual hug or kind word or message of hope. There is beauty and kindness everywhere… for you. ❀

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