Trump’s Attack on History: The 1776 Project, Racism, Nationalism, and Fraudulent Patriotism to Conform History to his Twisted Ideology

“Final decisions about the nation’s existence are at stake here; history will incriminate these leaders with bloodguilt if they do not act in accordance with their specialist political knowledge and conscience. Their soldierly obedience reaches its limit when their knowledge, their conscience, and their responsibility forbid carrying out an order.”

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Today President Trump launched a major attack on the history of the United States by announcing what he called The 1776  Project, a direct attack on the 1619 Project which aims to tell the story of how the English Colonists introduced what became the institution of slavery and entrenched racism in the United States. I know the subject well, my book which will be published sometime in the next year “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!” Racism, Religion, Ideology and Politics in the Civil War Era and why they Continue to Matter” deals extensive with this history, and I can say based on his actions and utterances that the President is using this to further divide the country on racial lines and to open American history as his next front of his culture war.

Trump said he would create a national commission to promote a…

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17 thoughts on “Trump’s Attack on History: The 1776 Project, Racism, Nationalism, and Fraudulent Patriotism to Conform History to his Twisted Ideology

    1. Don’t you love the shamelessness of America’s right wing Senate Majority Leader just coming out and saying that a diligent Black president can never be as worthy of making a #SCOTUS nomination as a corrupt White President is.

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      1. I went to the dentist on Monday and walked home through downtown San Francisco. Boarded windows, shuttered stores, filth everywhere, and rows of tents in the tenderloin and around our Civic Center. We are in the middle of an economic collapse. I have not seen sights like these since the 1980’s.

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      2. One thing about these recent walks; I thought I might have been exaggerating the debries one sees around a homeless encampment, I’m not. If anything, I make homelessness look romantic. That we have so many tents lining our streets suggests that trump has tanked the economy.

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      3. Rob, it will sadly get worse til he’s gone. With no more stimulus checks, people can’t pay rent. And of course, without Moscow Mitch signing anything they also don’t have protection from evictions. 😦

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      4. Yes, being Jewish, the term is familiar. I like short forms. And love Dorothy Parker! 🙂 Just came back from leaving some very rude awakenings on Dumpster’s Twitter page. I’m pretty sure by now there’s a warrant for my arrest at the border. LOL. 🙂

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