14 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Mad Love

  1. Another great image, Rob. It (and the title you’ve given it) got me thinking if the guy with his hand up is about to hit the other guy because they’re a couple and his partner has ben unfaithful (and been caught out) or hit him because the other guy came on to him and he’s straight. Or maybe he thinks he’s straight, but deep down inside he has feelings for other men which he can not accept? Then again, maybe he’s holding up his hand to stop him because he’s the most handsome and sexiest man he’s seen? Lots of possibilities here.

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    1. Thank you, Hugh. There are a lot of possibilities here. My partner has been with his Mother since San Francisco shut-down in March. That was almost seven months ago and I miss him. We zoom but Zoom doesn’t really cut it. I think some of that longing for him to come home is in this photo. Looking at these images is like looking at a dream. Maybe I’m trying to keep him from leaving. (Please note: any resemblance between me and the avatar is wishful thinking) 🙂

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      1. Now you’ve mentioned that Rob, I can clearly see where the image came from. It makes perfect sense. But I love the thought of the endless other stories I can think about when viewing the image.
        I hope your partner can make it home soon. You must miss each other so much.

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      2. Thanks for your comment, Hugh. We miss each other very much. I’m extremely angry about the fact that almost every last minute of our suffering was preventable but for the corruption of our Senate Republicans and Donald Trump. One aspect of blogging I enjoy is when people ask questions. I hadn’t considered it until you ask. The difference in height is there. 🙂

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