It hurts.

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It Hurts.

Shoe laces taken

All you know, shaken

Not  a  razor  or  knife in sight

Still the pain sears through the night.

Corridors full of  eternal walkers

Going  nowhere, watched  by  stalkers.

Screams  erupt  so do  tussles

Held down by  ‘staff ‘ with muscles.

Nothing  stops  the pain  NOTHING

Smile at family don’t let them see the bluffing.

It hurts, it  hurts  you  needs  to  bleed

A sacrifice to the demon’s seed.

Doors  slam, locks  turn

Fears  grow behind  doors  souls burn

Help me  please help me

Blind eyes don’t see…………

Shoe laces taken

All you know,  shaken

Not  a  razor  or  knife in sight

Still  the pain sears  through  the night.

This is for mental health day

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9 thoughts on “It hurts.

    1. I’m writing a piece about that right now. The stigma attached to having a mental illness in the United States is lethal and almost invisible. What we call the homeless is a collective decision made by the healthy to punish the mentally ill for what the healthy think is a choice. In our culture people are supposed to suffer for making bad decisions. But mental illness is not a choice. One does not decide to be too ill to find a way off the streets. I think the people of the United States treat the mentally ill exactly as we think they deserve. It is my hope that if we have another blue wave in 2020, we can place funding for community mental health programs on the table.

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      1. My mother worked in a state mental hospital in the 60s and 70s. I worked on the hospital farm one summer. I saw firsthand that those people wanted to function, they wanted to have a purpose in life, but they simply could not do it in a “normal public” setting. Those hospitals were closed, and many of those people ended up on the streets. It’s very sad.

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      2. O agree, Dan. My Father’s Sister has schizophrenia. I know that some of those hospitals were badly run, but most were not. My Father’s sister had a decent life in a cottage on the grounds of the State Hospital. I hope our nation can begin to have an honest discussion about the mistakes in judegemtn that made so many of us so cynical. Thank yuu for engaging on this, Dan.

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