19 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Old Toys

  1. Hi Rob, the image makes me wonder how long the skeleton has been there? Did somebody die in that room who has yet to be found? How did they die? The silver statue looks like some kind of award – so maybe the skeleton belongs to an actor or musician, especially given the picture of Batman and your comment about the Woodstock poster? The trunk is intriguing as it’s not locked. I wonder what’s inside?

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      1. It sounds a delightful story, Rob. Just goes to show how dark my mind is when looking at images. It always seems to travel down the dark path, not the one that’s well lit and safe.
        Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope the weather is a little cooler and signs of autumn are in the city.


    1. Thank you, Diana. There’s an old Kennedy campaign poster in the background along with a reference to Woodstock. I started making this kind of ‘narrative image’ when I was working on your flash-fiction challenges.

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