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IF The Militant Negro™ Reblogs Your Post…..

from The Militant Negro™

The Militant Negro™

I thought the time is right to inform those bloggers NOT familiar with my blogs mission statement, to issues one. Seems to be some confusion as to why I reblog other bloggers content. So I’ll be brief and then go into much detail.

Me being brief……… Because I want to reblog other bloggers content. And WORSTPRESS agrees with me, it’s a right of other WORSTPRESS clients to reblog.

Me going into detail……… I have learned over the years that The Arts may well be the only thing that keeps humanity from becoming extinct. Our current world leaders are all insane, every last one of them. Planning nuclear annihilation, allowing mass murder by well armed insane civilians, and just being greedy dickheads.

My way to help society and humanity survive the likes of Dumbass Trump and his buddies on Capital Hill, is to support and market all…

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Real Stories, Real People: Writing Your Real Story

from Mirror & Soul

Mirror & Soul

Our special guest writer today is Sandra from A Momma’s View blog. Sandra has a great blog where she talks about her expat adventures, homeschooling her children and her feelings and thoughts as a mid 40 year old woman, wife and a mother.

Sandra, thank you for sharing your story with us today!

Writing your Real Story

When I grew up I always thought my Dad was the one who had a real story to tell. Real people tell real stories, right? In my books he was one of them. A person who had the right to tell his story. Because it was a great story. A story only life can write. A story of persistence, love, success, obstacles, achievement, happiness, creativity, willpower, motivation and inspiration. A story of being at the right place at the right time, being offered a fantastic opportunity and then having the guts to grab…

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