Who Profits from Child Abuse?

Warning: potentially triggering.

Anger is a powerful and potentially cleansing emotion.

Or it can make one feel so speechless with self loathing that
you can only express your rage and shame with para-suicidal

Anger wants to know why and sometimes the truth is too terrible.

The rape of a child is a moral offense so grave that it corrupts everyone involved, including the child, who must distort his perceptions of reality to normalize the assault on his soul.

The sight of institutional child abuse incites the enraged sense of injustice that lodges in my heart as an adult survivor of abuse.

Imagine trying to comprehend the enablers of your abuse with a
toddler’s mind.

This is from Think Progress:

“Robert H. Richards IV does not work. He doesn’t have to. The great-grandson of Irénée du Pont, the chemical magnate who provided much of the financial backing to a failed effort to defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the 1930s, Richards lives off a trust fund in a 5,800 square foot mansion he bought for $1.8 million. When he is not staying in his mansion, he might be found in his beach home “in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach.”

Richards is also a child rapist.

In 2005, Richards started sexually abusing his three year-old daughter.

“The abuse ended two years later when the girl told her grandmother that she didn’t want “my daddy touching me anymore.”

When Richards’ former wife confronted him about this abuse, Richards admitted to doing so but claimed “it was an accident and he would never do it again.”

And yet, Robert Richards, who raped his own child and then told her not to tell anyone so that it could be “our little secret,” will likely not spend a day in prison.

….the maximum sentence for fourth-degree rape is 15 years in prison, the prosecution recommended that Richards only receive probation. And Judge Jan, in her sentencing order, said Richards “will not fare well” if he is sentenced to prison.”

We can expect nothing better from a legal system that favors property over life and human rights.

We slather a media confection over the merciless stone of GOP
economic feudalism and accept it as Democracy.

Even a daughter of privilege cannot escape her status as property.

Imagine that you are three feet tall and weigh 25 pounds.

Imagine that a huge man who weighs 200 pounds penetrates
your body.

You have no words to describe it.

You don’t even know what you are.

Your brain decides that it is dying and  instinctively dissociates.

This is how Dissociative Identity Disorder happens.

Gender is not the issue.

When an adult male rapes a child of three the child’s brain interprets
the pain of penetration as a deathblow.

How could no one have known?

How many people were in on the “little secret” and did nothing?

How does one understand that the damage done to your body and psyche was preventable?

And if this can happen to a child of privilege, what’s happening happening to children in homeless’ shelters?

Who profits from their abuse?

Photograph of an advertisement for the San Francisco Food Bank at the Haight and Fillmore muni stop in San Francisco
Who profits from Childhood hunger?


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