Jack and Belinda: Ascension

Jack and Belinda: Ascension, is a short video that I made for the Season Close of Kendall Person’s “A Star is Born.”

Ascension One
Jack and Belinda was an ongoing narrative fashioned by Kendall.

I was first introduced to them while playing #TAG.

The two avatars in these images are representations of two of my alternates, Mateo and Sara.

The making of this video represents progress because the alternates that use Second Life learned to collaborate with each other.

Ascension Two

Mateo, represented by the African-American avatar, took the lead.

His video deviated a bit from Kendall’s story line.

In Kendall’s version (if I recall correctly, and there is a 10% chance that I do) Jack and Belinda have never met and Jack dies before they do.

Ascension Three

The thought of separating Jack and Belinda horrified Mateo.

As Mateo imagined it, Jack and Belinda are both dead, but Belinda doesn’t know that she’s dead.

Jack comes down to take her up with him in a dance of ascension.

RG (c) 2015

The outfits on the avatars are designed by Gizza.




#PressRelease: #AStarisBorn: The Top 3 Ned Hickson,Rebecca Lemke & Oscar Plascencia

The Neighborhood

Sunday December 20, will be the first double performance of A Star is Born as the Proxies take to the stage in the morning and the Nominees deliver their performances at the regular scheduled time.


double feature click to enlarge

In the interim, please take this time to get to know more about the Nominees by clicking the Direct Links to the Press Releases prepared by the 3 Artists still standing and in the hunt for Best Performance of the Year.


Nominated for Best Performance of the Year in Humor, from Florence Oregon – Ned Hickson


Nominated for Best Peformance of the Year in Mommy Blogging, from Lahoma Oklahoma – Rebecca Lemke


Nominated for Best Performance of the Year in Original Poetry Performances, from La Puente California – Oscar Plascencia 


#AStarisBorn click image to enlarge

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Twilight Silhouette (Silueta de Crepusculo)

This is the result of my collaboration with Oscar Alejandro Plascencia and Childs Cnsurbanent for Episode Seven
of A Star is Born on the Public Blogger.