September’s Ambience

Video by Rob Goldstein

Photograph of wet leaves in the curb.
Still green

Video and photography (c) Rob Goldstein 2017
Ambient music provided by Magix Software


A Daily Kind Quote from Erika Kind

via Daily Kind Quote

I’m honored that Erika Kind used my photo and quote in one of her Daily Kind Quotes.

A White Rose for Erika and Her Sisters

A few months ago Erika Kind mentioned
a picture I’d posted of a White Rose.

I posted the photo in honor of an anti-fascist
group that called itself the White Rose in 1942.

Erika told me she liked the rose so I said
I’d make another.

When I think of Erika Kind I also think of the
women who
follow her and call her sis.

I read their blogs and their comments to each
other and I see love, and light, and respect.

They are professionals and mothers; they are
women with talent and skill.

They work to enrich our lives with art and

So, to Erika Kind and her Sisters,

Thank you and Happy Holidays!