American Eugenics in the 21st Century

If Trump and the GOP have their way, 24 Million of our fellow
citizens will be without access to healthcare.

Most of he GOP is OK with this.

Their agenda closely mirrors an economic and social
agenda first proposed in 1918.

The idea at its simplest is the poor deserve to die and letting them die is
an act of mercy for everyone.

It was called Eugenics and it was so popular it became a global

Read this excerpt from Applied Eugenics, doesn’t it sound familiar?

A page from Applied Eugenics by Paul Popenoe, that recommends using poverty to reduce the population of 'inferior people'
A page from Applied Eugenics by Paul Popenoe,

The Eugenics movement thought Social Security was evil.

A page from Applied Eugenics by Paul Popenoe, that argues against social security because it supports inferior people
A page from Applied Eugenics by Paul Popenoe,
photograph of a homeless disabled person sleeping under a blanket next to his wheelchair
This is what it looks like to be old and sick in America

What do we mean when we call someone a Nazi?

Read Applied Eugenics and you’ll find that Nazis were
the most extreme manifestation of a cruel theory proposed
by wealthy Americans who believed they had the right
to murder the poor.

American Eugenics in the 21st Century

I live in one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

What can you say about a city that spends a fortune to obsessively
clean the streets but won’t fund an adequate mental health system?

San Francisco’s mental health system insists that a person whose
judgement and insight is lethally compromised has a ‘right’ to refuse

Mandated treatment for people whose judgement is lethally compromised
is somehow more offensive to human dignity than being left to die in your
own piss on Market Street.

Art by Rob Goldstein
And the streets are perfectly clean

San Francisco has only one 71 bed Psychiatric Crisis Clinic for a population
of over 200,000 people.

71 beds?

71 beds in the only clinic for psychiatric emergencies for over 200,000 people?

How can that be right?

We Never Talk about the Link Between Homelessness and Eugenics, Why?

Unfit Human Traits and Triangle of Life

For discussion of the American Origins of the Eugenics Movement I recommend the History News Network.

The 1918 handbook of the Eugenics Movement, Applied Eugenics, by Paul Popenoe,  described what he called Lethal Selection at work during World War 1:

“…Poverty becomes rife, and sanitation and medical treatment are commonly sacrificed under the strain…”

“…During a war, that mitigation of the action of natural selection which is so common now among civilized nations, is somewhat less effective than in times of peace.”

In Applied Eugenics Popenoe  proposed the artificial creation of the conditions of extreme poverty as a means of executing mental defectives.

Life Unworthy of Life
Lethal Neglect: the failure to provide the goods or services necessary for functioning or to avoid harm.

Popenoe called this method of execution Lethal Neglect or Passive Execution

The American Eugenics Movement was the template for Nazi Germany.

In fact, the Warsaw Ghetto meets the criteria for execution by Lethal Neglect.

The Nazi’s removed all critical supports for urban survival and took daily photographs of residents to document their decline and death.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Just Imagine

The American Eugenics movement was such a powerful global movement that Nazis on trial at Nuremberg after World War II cited American Eugenics programs as a defense of their policies and mentioned Buck v. Bell in their testimony.


Ronald Reagan was a young adult when the American Eugenics
Movement was at its peak.

He was almost 70 when he began his first term as President.

Isn’t it possible that Eugenics theories influenced his decision
to close State Hospitals while simultaneously cutting funds
for Community Mental Heath?

A quote from an early 201th Century Eugenics advocate, Alexis Carrel, who says that the disabled should be executed.
From a December 2010 article in The New Statesman: When America believed in eugenics

In 1937, a Gallup poll in the USA found that 45 per cent of supported euthanasia for “defective infants”. A year later, in a speech at Harvard, WG Lennox argued that preserving disabled lives placed a strain on society and urged doctors to recognize “the privilege of death for the congenitally mindless and for the incurable sick”. An article published in the journal of the American Psychiatric Association in 1942 called for the killing of all “retarded” children over five years old.  The New Statesman

As President  Reagan destroyed the public mental health system in
the United States.

“Selection by death may result either from inadequate food supply, or from
some other lethal reason. ”

Review of Applied Eugenics, By Paul Popenoe and Roswell H. Johnson, Eugenical News (vol. 4)

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