Thanksgiving 2020

In October, I made the campaign to elect Joe Biden the focus of my attention: we accomplished that goal, so, now it’s time to check-in with my friends on WordPress to give thanks.

First, I want to acknowledge the more than 260,000 Americans who are not alive this Thanksgiving because of the outgoing president’s criminally corrupt enablers.

Each death represents a family in mourning.

I pray the Republican Party can find its way back to the land of fact-based governance and the Rule of Law.

The untold story of the 2020 election is of the coalition of liberals, centrists, and conservatives who united to preserve our democracy.

Thank you to the more than 80 Million Americans who voted for Joe Biden; we turned out in numbers #TooBigToRig.

Thank you to the Lincoln Project; we couldn’t have won without you:

Thank you to people who understand that the United States is not a perfect democracy and who never stop striving to perfect it.

Thank you to my family of life long friends; your patience and love make me a better man.

Thank you to my partner for decades of friendship and love; you are a gift from God.

Thank you to my doctors and therapists: I am so much healthier because of you.

Thank you to the many friends I have made with this blog; your honesty, talent, and skill inspire me.

Thank you to the people who wrote to ask me how I’m doing.

Thank you to President Biden and Madam Vice-President Kamala Harris for proving that we can continue to make progress in the darkest of times.

Thank you to the millions of Americans who spent the Trump years resisting white supremacy, homophobia, child abuse, and outright lies.

“Democracy is not a state; it is an act.” 

John Lewis

And thank you to the folks at #DemCast; let’s win those senate seats in Georgia!

Have a safe and loving Thanksgiving.

Rob Goldstein

President Barack Obama speaks at a Drive-In Rally in Pennsylvania, October 21, 2020

“Our democracy is not gonna work if the people who are supposed to be our leaders lie every day and just make things up,” Obama said. “This notion of truthfulness and democracy and citizenship and being responsible — these aren’t Republican or Democratic principles. They’re American principles. … We need to reclaim them.”

“We’ve got to turn out like never before,” Obama said. “We cannot leave any doubt in this election. We can’t be complacent. I don’t care about the polls.”

#WordlessWednesday: The Bus Stop

This #WordlessWednesday post is also a quick update.

As the United States gets into the thick of our elections, I’m
taking a short break from posting my usual mishmash to
work on getting out the vote.

Ways you can help to get out the vote:

Visit Ballotpedia to learn about voter laws in your state.

If you have a Twitter account follow @DNCWarRoom for
actions, both virtual and real.

Visit #DemCastUSA if you want to find ways to support the
down-ballot senate or house democrats.

I’ll be back in two weeks.

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“Busstop” (c) Rob Goldstein 2015-2020

It hurts.

from willowdot21


It Hurts.

Shoe laces taken

All you know, shaken

Not  a  razor  or  knife in sight

Still the pain sears through the night.

Corridors full of  eternal walkers

Going  nowhere, watched  by  stalkers.

Screams  erupt  so do  tussles

Held down by  ‘staff ‘ with muscles.

Nothing  stops  the pain  NOTHING

Smile at family don’t let them see the bluffing.

It hurts, it  hurts  you  needs  to  bleed

A sacrifice to the demon’s seed.

Doors  slam, locks  turn

Fears  grow behind  doors  souls burn

Help me  please help me

Blind eyes don’t see…………

Shoe laces taken

All you know,  shaken

Not  a  razor  or  knife in sight

Still  the pain sears  through  the night.

This is for mental health day

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