Mangled Beauty

Your surgeon

smiles and you


He says he will

remove twenty

years from your

face but he

does not say

to where.

He palpates

your thighs

and finds

little lumps

of flesh.

Cottage. Cheese.

The surgeon

will hack the

cottage cheese

from your thighs

for an extra

thousand dollars.

You hate him for

this, this man

who makes

so much less

for so much

more, but

oh, what can

you do?

You’re more

than a face;

you’re a torso


Art and Poetry (c) Rob Goldstein 2013/2017



Beat Punks

from Loud Alien Noize

Loud Alien Noize

A Brief History of the Counterculture from William S. Burroughs to Kurt Cobain

Bull Will.

An interview with Victor Bockris on his book Beat Punks

byPhil Weaver

I’m a huge fan of Victor Bockris’ book Beat Punks, a collection of interviews and photographs documenting the relationship between the Beat generation and the punk movement in the 1970s downtown New York scene. The book does a great job of illustrating the cross-pollination of two generations (’50s Beats and ’70s punks) that resulted in one of the most extraordinary cultural flowerings of the 20th century. I recently talked to Bockris about some of the ideas behind the book, and I was pleased to hear he’s about to begin work on a follow up with interlinking prose. He didn’t want to give away too much about the forthcoming book, so I proposed a general interview on the history of the counterculture’s clashes with…

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