‘While the Bombs Fell’ by Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton

from Colin Garrow

While the Bombs Fell

Growing up in rural Suffolk during World War Two, Elsie and her family live their lives amid the rumble of German bomber planes and the whine of air-raid sirens. But daily life must continue, and the children and their parents make the most of restricted amenities during wartime.

Along with Elsie Hancy Eaton (whose life inspired the book), Robbie Cheadle has produced an interesting and heart-warming tale about a wartime family and the ups and downs of everyday life as they strive to cope with the constant threat of invasion. The stories reflect the highlights and occasional tragedies that face the family during the war years, as well as the many ingenious ways they find to deal with the limitations of rationing and lack of income. The book includes family photographs from the time and lists several authentic World War Two recipes, such as Potato Pastry…

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#FridayFeeling: Spring


San Francisco is vibrant with Spring.

I’m distracted and behind on everything so I’m going to take a short break from the blog his weekend to catch up.

I’ll see you guys  Monday.

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#WordlessWednesday: Lulu, One Million Years BC

Illustration made in VR depicting a flapper in the Mesozoic Era
Lulu, 1 Million Years BC

Coming soon to a blog near you!

Coming in Spring-All sorts of Things


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Official Announcement And a Little Speech

A New Book from N.F. Mirza

Before I start shooting random senseless posts let me make the official announcement.

People of WordPress, my Debut book is finally available on amazon website on following link: Swinging Sanity

I am trying hard not to be emotional but I’m failing miserably.

I would never ever be able to do it had I not landed here.

I regretted my actual career getting derailed but yesterday a close friend of mine said she is glad that it happened. I think I am too. 

If my life went as planned. I wouldn’t be writing

If I never felt the pain, my words would be shallow.

If I had the love and support from where it should have been, I would never even discover this place.

I’m still not happy about what I suffered, but today I don’t regret it that much.

There is always a way to follow your dreams no…

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