Revisiting Trumpenstein pt. 1

I great read…funny and sharp.

The Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons


These are ill and bizarre times we’re living in and not many can see a bright spot on the horizon. Recent shootings of black Americans have been deemed (by majority) as unjustified and outright murder. Our country is at wit’s end; Acts of violence, both by and toward police, hit YouTube and prime time TV news leaving people on both ends of the spectrum screaming for retribution. Bandits in our state and federal offices, on our street corners, going unpunished for acts against the common people and all that led up to to a bunch of innocent African Americans getting killed and some officers getting shot down in Dallas, Texas. Yes these are creepy fucking times…a modern day twenty first century dystopia with no action toward a solution in sight. What a perfect time for me to go see Donald Trump again.

The Trump campaign was rolling through Indiana after…

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