White Supremacists Are Infiltrating Law Enforcement

from The Militant Negro

Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King

The the protests begin…

The Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons


Saturday would be a perfect day for protest; a bit of chill in the air, but no rain forecast. The event was to take place late Saturday afternoon and run on into the night. This allowed plenty of time to shake off my evening’s activities from the night before. Reports had been streaming across the wire showing noticeable protesting going on in various U.S. cities since it was announced Donald Trump had won the Presidential election. This protest would be Indy’s initial contribution to the politically progressive backlash against Donald Trump. I remembered a time I followed protestors camped out on Broadway and Colfax in Denver, Colorado, which had been a perfect study of modern day rebellion. I may have been handed another live example of society in revolt; time will tell. This may be only the beginning, or this thing might die out quick…that’s up to the citizens protesting.

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Scope Of Democracy’s Loss

Thoughts on the outcome of our recent elections in the states from Tammy Mezera

Tammy Mezera


The Scope of Democracy’s Loss


The Presidency

The House

The Senate

Republican Nomination of Conservative Only Justices in US Supreme Court


Our checks and balance system, with the Republican controlled branches, may falter. This isn’t a time to ‘just get over it’. This is a time to declare accountability for an open democracy, for all people. This is a dictatorship of Republican Party and its own special interests. This isn’t just about Trump, this is about America being changed forever without the proper checks and balances in place to uphold a democratic process for all minorities, vulnerable groups, and opposing factions challenging the Republican party. Our Democracy is at stake for the next four years.

This is why when moving forward, each of us need the solid support and advocacy in place to oppose repression. While we have previously had a Democrat/Republican controlled congress/Presidency  before, I do not…

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