Our Broken Mental Health System: Just Released

Just Released
A victim of the greed that broke America’s Mental Health System

She said she was “Just released!”

I guess she was just released from an in-patient psych unit.

For all the snake pit hysteria anyone who thinks we in the early 21st Century do a more humane job of caring for our mentally ill than the barbarians of the 1950’s are in denial.

 Schizophrenia is the Alzheimer’s disease of the young.

Schizophrenia is easier to treat than Alzheimer’s Disease and when we treat it we benefit from the creative talents of people who are young enough to create lives for themselves.

This is not to diminish the pain of Alzheimer’s disease but to highlight how we should clinically care for people who have a medical illness that is just as devastating for patients and families as Alzheimer’s.

Mental Illness is not a choice.

Most of the choices we punish are not choices at all.

What we really punish is not goose stepping to the lie that the U.S. is a
nation of self-made people and that if you wish hard enough you can think
your way out of chronic illness.

“Just released!”

That’s what she said when she asked me to take her picture.

I assume that she told the judge or the shrinks that she
wouldn’t hurt herself or anyone else .

As if she would know.

I could see that she was internally preoccupied.

Internally preoccupied is shrink speak for hearing voices or
having hallucinations.

I took several shots of her and got this one just as she
was responding to her voices.

“Just released!”

How fucking sad.

RG 2015-2016