Second The Best ! #bloggersbash

Congratulations to ‘But I Smile Anyway…’

But I Smile Anyway...

Today was wonderful and I can’t believe it’s already over 😥

I am most proud and extremely thankful to those of you that voted…
I got second place in my Category Best Overall Blog Award!

There were some huge blogs I was up against so I was so amazed!


Still speechless… (well as gobsmacked as a chatterbox like me can!)

Still, I phoned my Hubby Dearest to let him know the good news and he was so happy for me, and my Lil Man and Lil Princess were jumping up and down, because “You know mummy, second the best!” followed by “Did you get anything??!!”

I said I got lots of claps and cheers, and a tee-shirt!


And I was lucky enough to also win a bracelet from Barb Taub!


I regret that I took hardly any photos but there are a few of my core blogily Erika,Judy and

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