The One Weapon That Will Defeat A Narcissist

Excellent post: “It is sad really, they have no self love either so they have no tolerance for people who can love themselves. It makes them sick, it makes them crazy. Saying no to a Narcissist because you truly believe in your self worth makes their skin crawl.”

So Long Sociopath

“You can never win against me, just give up Booskie” E laughed as he put me in checkmate again, Chess was our night time ritual and as much as I practiced I could not seem to beat him.

“Some day I’ll win, you’ll see.” Even then, in that moment I was speaking more about our life together than a game. I hated the way I always lost to him. My dignity, my sanity, my identity, I was no Queen.

There is one weapon that will defeat any Narcissist, it is the very weapon they try to destroy from their first encounter, first building you up as if you were something so special you wonder how you were deemed so lucky to be in their presence. Then calculatingly they dismantle this weapon. This weapon is self love.

I can not tell you why I never truly loved myself but I can…

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Narcissistic abuse: who is the real victim?

This following point also applies in spades if the narcissist is trolling social media for prey: “In any abuse situation, there is almost always more than just two people involved. At the core are the victim and the abuser, of course, but chances are good the abuser has convinced other people–including friends and family members of the victim–that the victim is the real abuser…”

Lucky Otters Haven


Narcissistic abusers are great at charming people they want to impress, or those people they want to get on their side. When they have targeted an individual for abuse, they will stop at nothing to turn their friends, colleagues, even their families against them–and it’s not at all uncommon for them to claim that THEY are the ones being abused.   The process of using malicious gossip and lies to turn people against the victim is called triangulation and is well known in the narcissistic abuse community. Most of us who have been targeted by narcissistic abusers know all too well about triangulation and its close cousin, gaslighting. Both will be used in conjunction with each other to turn the victim’s potential allies against them, effectively isolating them and ripping away any support systems they could use later.

Those who have been turned against the victim by the narcissist are called

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There is Light Beyond the Darkness of Mental Abuse

important post that does the job of connecting childhood abuse to the present.

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse is painful. You can experience such grief in the midst of being emotionally abused that you feel hopeless.

Depression and anxiety can overcome your heart, your mind and your soul. Healing from this extreme level of multi-layered pain takes time.

You are not alone. Living in sn abusive environment is like living in hell. Your reality can become twisted all around by the abuser, who does this intentionally. They get some sadistic pleasure from confusing you and stripping away your identity.

All kinds of symptoms can arise, even months after you are out of the abuse. The psychopath or narcissist wants you to still think about them after they are gone. It feeds their addiction to attention and grandiosity.

You feel small and insignificant…and like you are living under a heavy  weight that you can hardly move underneath of.

You can heal and regain your sense of self…

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